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About Us.

HR Country Intelligence is a Mozambican based
company, held exclusively by Mozambican nationals
with large experience in Oil&Gas, Telecommunications,
Finance and Banking.

as our core VALUES in our Business

• Trough our partners we subscribe to UK Bribery
Act and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977
How we works?
We established strong partnership and business alliance with specialised companies to ensure an integrated service delivery.
Our Partners deliver the service aligned
with ourshared value and customer

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You can’t prevent every issue from happening, but you can proactively address how you respond. We provide information for all you workers, companies with the power of built-in intelligence systems.
Verification of Qualifications
The verification of academic qualifications or other type of certificates it is crucial process to ensure the reputation of the organization recruitment process while protecting the integrity ...
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Background Check
Professional Background Check it is a key step to verify the reputation and professional record of an individual. Through this process the company is able to ascertain the previous employment ...
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Criminal Record Verification
We have established a flexible process to assist employment candidates to obtain criminal and police checks while “having a coffee” in our office avoiding long and unnecessary queues...
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Verification of Suppliers and Providers
During the Procurement or Pre-qualification for provision of services and goods, it is mandatory, by law, that companies should be ...
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Due Delligence and Compliance
We are able to provide following checks during the recruitment process to ensure credible and double checked employment candidates...
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Verification of Identification and Passport
The geographic location of Mozambique and the length of our coast makes it vulnerable to illegal immigrants who are attracted ...
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How We Help

HR Country Intelligence helps you grow your business, improve organizational effectiveness, and significantly reduce risk.
Pre screening and interview
• Professional Background Check
• Verification of Academic Qualifications
• Criminal Record Verification
• Police Record Check
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Identity and Passport (VIP)
• Money Laundering, ABAC blacklist, Fraud
• ID Verification
• Driver License verification
• Passport and Travel document verification
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Suppliers and Services Providers
• Verification of Alvara / Certidão de Registo
• Verification of Tax and Social Security registration
• Confirmation of submission for Company start up letter
• Publication in the Gazette ( Bolentim da República)
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